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My Top Five Favorite Books

Countdown of my favorite books:

5. Living Dead Girl- Elizabeth Scott 14+

She was kidnapped at the age of ten; stripped of everything, even her name. Now at fifteen, she is known as Alice, and spends her days meeting every want of her captor, Ray. “The thing is, you can get used to anything. You think you can’t, you want to die; but you can’t, you won’t. You just are” This quote from the book describes how Alice now feels. Through this story you will see who a girl who has lost all hopes and the effect this has on the soul. She earns for her death, at least then, she’d be free. Ray has something else in mind for her; he wants her to collect a new Alice. A younger replacement who will meet his needs one she is gone.

I read this book in grade eight. It was very mature material, but I am attracted to dark books apparently. This book changed me. As I thought about what this girl endured, I understood why she would do the things she does; she lost herself.

4. Twisted- Laurie Anderson 14+

This book is all about integrity, and how far you should go to believe what one person has said. Twisted is a story about truth, and who you should base your morals on. This book deals with character, and what it means to be the person you want to be; and in some ways, already are. Tyler Miller is young, at age seventeen mistakes are going to be made, it’s inevitable. The premise of this book is created based on one night, when Tyler made a life changing choice. Or did he really? As the plot of this story unravels we see the truth from that night, and what really happened between Tyler Miller, and the girl of his dreams, Bethany Milbury. Laurie Anderson does an amazing job of painting images within the readers mind, and going into depth about subjects that aren’t always seen in the light she creates.

Personally, I loved this book. I read it when I was thirteen, so some may say I was a little young to understand the material, although I disagree. I have read many books, some great, some not; but I remember details from this book. This tells me that it left an impression on me, and one that I believe is positive. I would recommend this book to anyone, seeing as I believe it carries something for everyone.

3. Hate List- Jennifer Brown. 13

When looking at the focus of the book, it creates a theme that is normally felt, and that is left resonating in every persons mind; loss. Valerie always thought things were getting better, that finally she was not alone. Nick was the guy for her, he always had been, and now they were finally together. Like most teenage girls, she thought this would never change; she’d get her happy ending. Her world was drastically reshaped after Nick opens fire on their high school, ending the lives of all the people on a list Valerie and he had once created; a list of people they hated. After the shooting, Valerie is left in the hospital, after getting shot trying to protect someone on the list that she had created. Valerie is implicated because of the list, yet one must consider the fact that she risked her own life to save another. This heart-wrenching book deals with how someone does love the bad-guy, and how no matter what people may do, we are still capable of loving them.

I read this book in two days, and it is fairly long, so that is saying something about the quality. I deeply enjoyed this book. If you’re a person who is attracted to happy things, and happy endings, this book is not for you. This book deals with suffering, and loss. It deals with humanity and the choices we make, and the permanence of some choices.

2. Before I Fall- Lauren Oliver 12+

Samantha Kingston is perfect; beautiful, smart, perfect boyfriend. She appears to have it all, everything to look forward to in her future. This is all shattered when she is killed in a car accident. After her death Samantha is given a second chance, or really, seven. In seven days she can relive the day of her death, and try and change its outcome. Through these days we see that Sam’s world is not really as perfect as it may appear, and that she has been very oblivious to the harshness of some of her choices. This book will make you hate Samantha, for what she has done. But Samantha makes you ask yourself: “Is what she did really so bad? Worse than what her friends do? Worse then what you do? So bad that she deserved to die for it?”

I have reread this book many times. It leaves you no choice but to change how you view things. It makes you question your own self, and appreciate your own life. This was a brilliant debut novel, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.

1. Thirteen reasons why – Jay Asher 14+

This haunting book will make you see how your choices impact another, and the everlasting effect that you can have on another human. Clay Jensen is your average high school guy; he is neither humble nor disrespectful. His life is changed when his classmate Hannah Baker sends him thirteen tapes; thirteen reasons why she chose to end her own life. This sends Clay on a spiralling mission that leads to many secrets being unearthed, and the realization of how people do not always realize the impact of their actions. Hannah is not innocent, she is aware of this. Although Hannah wants other to see the hand they played in her death, not to guilt them, but to teach them.

I fell in love with this book. It compels people to consider their own everyday lives, and maybe for some, change how they act. I felt sympathy for Hannah Baker. She was already dead, but through her words you begin to sympathize for her character, and in many ways I can relate to some of the things she felt. You are furious with her choice, and want her to realize what she has done. Her character, along with Clay’s makes you realize how frail we are, and that we need others to find strength.



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